Healthy Hair Makeovers - Actual Client Hair Growth

Client #1

Transitioned from relaxed to 100% natural.

Client #1 Began with hair that was very thin and over processed with relaxers. Her hair was extremely damaged and broken in many areas on her head. She came to the salon as a last resort and did not believe that her hair could get any better. We started a healthy hair makeover on her in August of 2011. Now 16 months later she is enjoying a full head of healthy all natural hair.

Client #4

Client 4 was wearing braids in her hair with no growth results. She has been on her healthy hair and growth journey for 6 months and wants to grow her hair even longer. Look at her 6 month results. Amazing!!

Client #5
Client began with hair that was relaxed, damaged, and had very thin ends. She decided to transition to natural while on her healthy hair journey. The progress you see below is 13 months of growth while in sewn in weaves. She is extremely excited to see her new, longer, healthier hair.

Look at Tiara's healthy, beautiful mid-back length hair. She is all natural and loving it!!