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Healthy Hair Masterclass
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Shiny, healthy black hair.
back of the head, healthy black hair.
woman from the back with healthy black hair.

As a little girl I used to dreamed of having long hair. Back then no one knew how to care for my hair. My grandmother would wash my hair, let it dry and then proceed to press it with the hot comb. Do you remember those days? I know you remember those days. Do my hair never reached past my shoulders and the hair that did was completely damaged. She knew nothing about conditioning and moisturizing hair; all she new about was to shampoo and grease my hair. Does this sound familiar?

On my lifelong quest to grow my hair I used product after product, went to stylist after stylist and took every hair vitamin under the sun. Nothing seemed to work.

My passion for obtaining healthy hair and growing my hair led me to hundreds of hours of research to find out what exactly is the key to growing long healthy hair. In my quest for knowledge I became a master cosmetologist who specializes in helping women grow their hair longer, stronger and healthier.

As of today I have helped countless amounts of women achieve healthy hair and helped them grow their hair to lengths they could not imagine. I have become a personal coach and cheerleader for those who just didnít think they could do it and for those who just didnít know how. It has become my lifeís work to educate women on how to properly care for their hair, whether they come to the salon or want to do their hair at home.

Now it is time for me to help the women all over the world who may not be able to sit in my chair, the women who have been scathed by inexperience stylists, the women who want to take their hair care into their own hands, the women who are ready to have long, healthy hair.

Is this you?

Are you tired of the setbacks?

Are you tired of trying everything and still no results?

Are you ready for longer hair, healthier hair?

The Ultimate Healthy Hair Masterclass

is perfect for you!

*The Ultimate Healthy Hair Masterclass Will Be JAM Packed with so much information that will help you get to where you need to be in your healthy hair growing journey.

*Learn the Different Hair Types and Why They Don't Matter
*Learn What Your Hair Porosity is; Low, Medium or High Porosity * Float Test Demo
*Different Types of Protective Styles and Which Ones Work Best for Length Retention
*Hair Tips and Techniques to Keep Your Hair Healthy Whether Natural or Relaxed
*How to Care for Your Hair While in Braids, Weaves or Wigs
*Hair Product Recommendations for Natural and Relaxed Hair
*Why You Should Stop Following Social Media Hair Gurus
* Demo on How to Silk Natural Hair and Get Salon Results
*How to Moisturize Hair for Maximum Moisture Retention
*Tips on How to Maintain Color Treated Hair
*How to Grow Your Hair Long and Keep It Long
*Tips on Trimming to Maximize Growth Retention
*Demo on How to Properly Detangle Hair
*Vitamin and Supplement Recommendations
*Which Hair Fads Work, Which Ones Don't
*The Best Foods for Hair Growth
*Sample Hair Regimens
*Question and Answer Time
*...and Much More

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The Healthy Hair Masterclass

Sunday December 8, 2019 6pm-8pm EST with questions after the class. **There will be a replay for everyone with 48 hours of the class.

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