Healthy Hair Makeovers - Growth with Weaves

Below are real clients of Tamika Bell that have completed healthy hair makeovers with the help of weaves.

Client #1

Client 1 began with hair that was breaking, shedding and had very thin ends. She decided to transition to natural while on her healthy hair journey. Her last relaxer was 2 months prior to the makeover. She wore weaves for 8 weeks at a time for a period of 8 months. She is going to continue to transition and is very happy with her progress. She is going to take a brief break from weaves to enjoy her new healthy hair.

Video of Client #1 Healthy Hair Makeover

Client #2

Client 2 began with hair that was relaxed but started transitioning 2 months prior to the makeover. Her ends were thin and breaking and her hair was uneven all over. She has been on her Healthy Hair Journey for about a year. She wore weaves for 3 months at a time. We are trimming a little of the relaxed hair at a time and will continue to do so while she transitions. She is extremely happy with the overall health and length of her hair. She will continue to wear weaves for a little longer to finish her transition.

Client #3 Coming soon!